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Zokoko Artisan Chocolate Goddess 6 Pack

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Zokoko Artisan Chocolate Goddess 6 Pack

Zokoko's heavenly goddess range is sensual treat for any chocolate lover. Enjoy 6 bars from the range, including: 
  • Goddess Milk 65g - A luxurious mouthfeel with cocoa flavour balanced by a gentle fruit finish
  • Goddess Milk With Coffee 65g - Velvety milk chocolate balanced with the rich flavour of freshly roasted coffee.
  • Goddess Milk Chocolate with Chai 65g - Smooth milk chocolate enlivened by the warm and sensuous chai spice blend.
  • Goddess Dark 65g - intense and full of flavor with both deep cocoa and dark fruit top notes.
  • Goddess Dark Chocolate with Coffee 65g - The ultimate blend of cocoa beans and coffee beans.
  • Goddess Dark Chocolate with Mint 65g - Rich cocoa notes balanced with fresh, crisp mint.

Zokoko works directly with growers to source unique cacao. Each batch of beans is expertly roasted, then the nibs are slowly ground to retain the floral and fruit notes present in the bean. The refining process produces the desired soft, velvety, smooth texture of the finished bar whilst tempering ensures that each bar looks and tastes its best. The elegance and class of each chocolate bar is matched by the look and feel of the packaged product.

Each Zokoko chocolate bar is unique and holds rich layers of flavour due to our careful steps taken in turning beautiful beans into amazing chocolate reflective of its origin.

Note: If the temperature is 34 degrees celcius or more at either origin or destination, dispatch may be delayed and you will be notified.

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